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Masorti – From the Hebrew: למסור to transmit

Our aim is to receive from the past, to stand in the present, and to transmit to the future.

Our claim is that an authentic engagement with Judaism is only possible when one engages with Jewish observance, study and life, but also when one engages with scientific, social and philosophical truths wherever they may be found.

Our goal is to become the denomination of choice for the traditional, non-fundamentalist, British Jew.

Masorti Judaism is an umbrella organisation which:

Provides services no one synagogue can or should offer. These include our youth movement, NOAM, our Rabbinic Court and outreach activities. Serves as the central address for the claims of our Movement, representing its members nationally and internationally and in dialogue with other denominations and faith groups.

Jewish Genetic Disorders

Jewish Genetic Disorders UK held its first ever community screening event for some of the most important genetic disorders at Yom Masorti 2014. For more information or to book a screening, please visit www.jewishgeneticdisordersuk.org.

The Bike Project

Your second hand bikes are given to destitute refugees and asylum seekers, facilitating them access to resources that can help lift them out of poverty. Additionally, we run a series of bike fixing workshops for anyone keen to volunteer, gain new skills and meet new people. Please go the www.thebikeproject.co.uk for more information.

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Learning for Life! 

The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem
Session I:  June 22 - July 10, 2014
Session II:  July 13 - July 31, 2014
(Sessions will not be repetitive)
Intensive Hebrew, Jewish text study, and community service in a dynamic learning community. Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.


Contact Us for More Information or
Apply Online Now!

w: www.ConservativeYeshiva.org
t: (781) 325 – 4631
or Contact Rabbi Daniella Kolodny:
The Conservative Yeshiva is a project of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, under the academic auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

My Hebrew Word 

By Rabbi Chaim Weiner 

Rabbi Chairm Weiner has launched a new blog to introduce Hebrew Vocabulary.

 'My Hebrew Word’ will be published fortnightly.  

Each post will introduce a new word and give its meaning and some background about the way it is used in the Bible, Rabbinic Literature and the Modern Hebrew Language. 

To read the most recent post or to subscribe please visit:


Rabbi Louis Jacobs teachings, knowledge and information visit louisjacobs.org